The Productivity ROI of AI

  • According to an MIT study, generative AI decreased the time it took workers to complete tasks by 40 percent, and output quality, as measured by independent evaluators, rose by 18 percent.
  • McKinsey & Co. states by 2030, activities that account for up to 30 percent of hours currently worked across the US economy could be automated—a trend accelerated by generative AI.
  • Deloitte says AI and machine learning will contribute to 37 percent increase in labor productivity by 2025

The ROI Calculator

We've put together this basic ROI calculator to help you with making your decision in going forward with this engagement. To start, click or tap on the "show calculator" button and input your particulars. Use the slider to increase the number of team members impacted by AI in your business. We started the calculation with a few assumptions, like a 35 percent productivity gain, but feel free to make it your own.